When it comes to describing the three weeks I spent in Salzburg I run out of words. I simply cant find the right word to describe any moment I lived in that magical palace or as we learned to call it “schloss”. Sometimes when words cant describe a feeling you just have to use pictures or even videos. Still, people who haven’t lived with you those 3 weeks would never get you. I feel like I’m this ignorant lady who travelled to a new country and came back bragging about what she saw. But it’s not like that. It’s not about what I saw, or where I stayed, or what museums I visited. It’s about the people that I lived with, the friends I made for life, the lessons I learned: academic and personal, it’s about the chance I had to meet the worlds most inspiring faculty members. It’s about those limits that I crossed, that comfort zone that I came out of. It’s about being completely open to everyone else’s ideas and experiences. It’s about being a Salzburg Academy Alumnus.

When my friends here at home ask me what I miss the most I say: I miss being fed 5 times a day, I miss living for the day and not planning anything ahead, I miss sharing a room with the most adorable roommate Amy, I miss Leyal’s Freak out moments, I miss hanging out with salma, I miss those psychiatry talks I had with Jimena, I miss cracking jokes with Mona, I miss the Syrian talks with Hisham, I miss hanging out with Skyler and imitating his British accent, I miss Santiago’s ‘Eloo’, I miss Allonso’s ‘sajja’, I miss Rindala’s innocent comments, I miss Serina’s Dr. Abu Hisham jokes, I miss MOSES, I miss Raquel’s squoshy hugs, I miss Shaza’s funny eye-looks, I miss all the people in this academy, all those friends I knew will be lifetime friends… They would never get how much I miss those people and this academy. I have always made fun of those who study abroad and come back saying: This experience changed my life, I’m touched forever or bla bla bla” but now I’m one of those people, I truly get what they have been through. Slazburg definitely was an experience of a lifetime.