“The road safety situation in Lebanon is already a cause for great concern, with more than twice as many deaths per 100,000 vehicles and 100,000 populations than any Western European country, and the number of vehicles and the traffic is rapidly increasing.” (YASA)


If I stop at a red light in the middle of the night, when there is no other car on the street, then I would be considered a foolish driver in Lebanon! In what context is that acceptable? Is it normal to be considered ‘abnormal’ if I stop at red light?
Most of the Lebanese citizens do not respect regulations regarding road safety. People often argue that: “Its too late or impossible to change now”, or they claim that even if they did adhere to traffic lights, it won’t make a difference. We often consider the issue of road safety as low priority in Lebanon. However recently the amount of car accidents and deaths caused by irrational driver’s mistake has increased dramatically. In November 2010, the Lebanese government implemented strict regulations and laws regarding road safety: stop signs, traffic lights etc… Unfortunately we started following the rules for like a month or so but then everything went back to the way it was. This mentality is what I’m trying to highlight in this picture. I’m trying to tell people from all around the world that one CAN make a difference. We don’t have to lose one of our close friends or family in order to start the change. It can start with a personal initiative and the rest will follow. It is never too late to change!