This page will inform you about the different types of memberships and their corresponding costs. I will also deduce the strong points and weak points in this web 2.0 application along with the different ways or fields that you can use Prezi presentations in.

How much does it cost to use this application?

Prezi offer a number of different packages including a free package. The free package is known as “public license” and comes with 100MB storage space, and an offline player. All of your presentations will have the Prezi logo on them and all presentations will be published publicly in the showcase. The enjoy plan has 500MB of storage space, no Prezi logo and the ability to create private presentations. This plan costs $59 per year or may be provided to licensed students/teachers free of charge. The Pro package comes with an offline editor and 2GB of space. The Pro account costs $159 per year.

what are the advantages and disadvantages of using Prezi?

Strong points Weak Points
Simple and easy to use: you can show details by zooming in or focus on the big picture by zooming out. Too much rotation and unorganized paths could cause dizziness.
 You can save it online: it is accessible from any computer, and it can be used to share information (group projects). You need internet to edit your presentation unless you purchased the Pro license.
It is all on one slide: you do not have alternate from one slide to another. Prezi will only support Flash files and embedded YouTube files.
It’s a non-linear presentation which makes it more engaging and less boring Compared to other presentation applications, it may have relatively limited availability of fonts and colors.

 In what fields can you use Prezi?

Students and executives may be very interested in using Prezi because it is a very unique and entertaining way to present. Prezi assists teacher and students in their school or college projects. Elementary school teachers may use prezi to demonstrate the Solar system in a new unique way. Highschool students may also use this aplication to present any course material to their classmates. Prezi will also provide an appealing method of presentation to businessmen and women when presenting a new product or offer.

Prezi is still a new application hence more development and improvement are yet to come. It definitely has a positive impact on society and is of great benefit to almost everyone. Thank you Prezi  Team 🙂

In Brief: This post provided information about the several membership costs, an analysis and some possible usages of Prezi application.