This introductory post introduces the foounders of Prezi and narrates the story of how prezi was created and developed.

An internationally renowned Hungarian architect and visual artist, Adam Somlai-Fischer, has been working with zooming presentations since 2001. Adam found that a zoomable user interface (ZUI) enabled him to explore the “big picture” overview of a floor plan and then zoom into the detail of individual rooms. Because there was no commercially-available zooming presentation editor, each presentation had to be coded by hand. Audiences were wowed and approached Adam to discover what presentation software he used. A few persuaded him to give them access to his code.

Finally, in 2007, Budapest University of Technology professor Peter Halacsy convinced Adam, which is now Prezi’s co-founder, to develop an editor so that anyone could make zooming presentations. After creating a sample, they recruited a business-minded entrepreneur, Peter Arvai, to join as CEO — to help them build a product and a company. Prezi was launched in April 2009 from Budapest and the San Francisco office was established in November 2009.

The application was known as ‘ZuiPrezi’ – ‘Zui’ as in zooming using interface, and ‘Prezi’ as in the Hungarian diminutive of presentation.  On December 15, 2008 the team dropped the ‘Zui’ because people could not pronounce it correctly.

Peter Halacsy and Adam Somlai-Fischer believed in “humanity’s desire for creativity,” and their dream was to create tools that “allow self-expression to take shape.”  Adam once stated that “a good tool needs to help you in: thinking, formulating and developing your message.” With Prezi, the two men truly achieved this.

Here’s a demo to this application: