The following detailed steps will help and guide you to create a prezi presentation. You can alter the content as u wish but the basic themes and fonts are built in.

First go to Prezi website.

1.      Click on “New Prezi” on/ the top left of the window

2.      Enter a title for the Prezi and write a brief description to your presentation. Then click on “New Prezi”, then a loading screen will pop up.

3.      On the right side of your screen, you will see a blue tab with three different buttons. The “Minus (-)” button is used to zoom out; there is a “Home” button which looks like a little house that will adjust the screen to view your presentation as a whole, while the “Plus (+)” button is used to zoom in.

4.      Click on the text “Click anywhere & add an idea”, and write the phrase that you want instead. You can click anywhere else on the screen and it will automatically create a new text box that will allow you to write more information.

5.      By clicking over the text, a blue circle will pop up. Click in the center of the circle, which has a “Hand” icon, to drag the text anywhere you would like to place it.

6.      On the same blue circle you can increase the size of the text to either make it really big or really small by using the “Plus (+)”and the “Minus (-)” button. In the outer region of the blue circle, there are blue lines aligned around the circle. These are used to rotate your text.

7.      You can Align text left, Center, Align text right, and justified by clicking on the corresponding icons that are located on the top of the text box. Also there is an icon that allows you to make bullets for a list. To adjust the length of the txt box use the arrows on its right corner.

8.       Look to the top left of your screen, you will see a couple of circles put together. This is your main way to edit your whole Prezi. Click on the circle that says “Path in order to create a path that your presentation will go through when presenting.

9.      Then, another three circles will open around it. Click on “1-2- add” circle. Click over any of the text you have on your Prezi. When you click over your title, you will see the number one in a circle which means that it is the starting point of your path. Click on other text as this will continue your path, you will see the number two, three, four, etc

10.  To view your path, you have to zoom out and Click on the grayed out circle which says “Show”. You can view the presentation in the current view, or you can select the “Full Screen” button.

11.  Click on the arrow on the upper left corner to go back to the original editing circle. Click on the “Colors & Fonts” button to select different kind of themes for your background and text. Also click on “Theme Wizard” button, which will allow you to create your own theme that includes your background, font, and colors. From there select the colors and the type of text you want. To use these tools click on text and it will open up the text box and click on any of the three settings.

12.  To insert any type of media you will have to go back to the editing circle on the upper left hand corner. Click on “Insert” and it will give you four choices: Files, YouTube, Image, and Shapes.

Summary: All these steps are the basic guideline to using this web 2.0 application. However, you can go more in depth and have access to more tools by purchasing the Pro package in order to be able to edit offline and online. To know more about the types of memberships click here to navigate to the next post! Here is an image that gives you a glimpse of how the canvas looks like at first and at the end.

Start Page:

End Result: